TeeJay Jones

Director of AIM

Phone: 845.373.9511

Email: tjones@maplebrookschool.org


Jessica Selino

Curator of AIM Gallery

Phone: 845.373.9511

Email: jselino2@maplebrookschool.org

Gallery Hours

Thursday – Saturday 11 AM – 6 PM

Sunday 12 PM – 4 PM


We envision a world where the creation and study of the arts enhance learning and community on all levels

The Art Institute will organize art exhibitions and performances as well as conduct programs for the study, appreciation and creation of art across various cultures and perspectives of an ever-changing world.  Its activities will be integrated with the School’s art program and extend beyond to the community at large.

AIM envisions a space where the creation and study of the arts are fostered.  The gallery’s 12 foot walls and 3,297 square feet of exhibition space with moveable partitions enables the Gallery to accommodate artistic expressions of all scales and formats.  The Gallery will play an important role in the activities of AIM, i.e. the location of exhibits, performances, programs, and classes, many of which will be open to the Maplebrook students and to the surrounding area.