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Our School

Maplebrook School was founded in 1945 by three bold women empowered by a vision 3-foundersof an inclusive boarding school community dedicated to educating students not well-served by the mainstream educational system. The language used to describe the population of students Sunny Barlow, Serena Merck, and Marjorie Finger had in mind has changed over the years. Today, we describe those students as young men and women who learn differently.

These students—Maplebrook students—are students with great potential who need a different approach to learning: one that recognizes their identities as individual learners, each with their unique strengths as well as challenges, and meets them where they are. As a boarding school, Maplebrook is able to provide such an approach to learning within a supportive environment that is at once highly structured and family-styled.

Like the language used to speak about learning differences, the school has evolved greatly since its inception in the mid-40’s. The past 70-plus years have witnessed incredible growth for Maplebrook as the school has developed from its beginnings on an old farm to what is today a fully accredited, New York State registered high school offering a comprehensive academic program for students who learn differently. Every June, Maplebrook proudly commences a well-rounded class of eager young graduates—young men and women with a sound foundation for adult life because of their Maplebrook education.

Yet over the years of its development, Maplebrook School has remained true to the original vision of its three founders. Maplebrook School is not only a place to learn—it is a place where students and teachers alike do life together; for us and our students, this boarding school is a home away from home, and each one of us is a welcome and valued member of the Maplebrook family.

We celebrate the history of that family. We recognize that without the solid foundation laid by Sunny Barlow, Serena Merck, and Marj Finger, and without the diligent work given by so many others to this community over the years, we would not be where we are today. Ours is a long legacy. We remember, and at the same time, we look ahead. And in the present, we carry on, continuing Maplebrook’s work of fostering excellence, independence, and friendship in diverse learners, knowing that for our students as well as the school, the present follows the past, and the future begins here. For Maplebrook graduates, the future is a bright one.


Maplebrook School | 5142 Route 22 | Amenia, NY 12501

phone: 845.373.9511 | 845.373.8191 (Admissions)

fax: 845.373.7029